I have to tell you I kinda like wine…

I grew up squeezing grapes with my little feet in my family small winery in Bergamo, Italy.

I have wine in my Dna. And as I became a woman I got passionate about good food, too. Tough life, huh?

I have to tell you I kinda like writing…

I am a journalist: radio, tv, newspapers, blog, never stop writing, telling news, communicate!

I have to tell you I kinda like traveling…

After Europe and Africa, I ended up in California, United States and I’m gonna stay for a while.

I think that the real richness is knowledge, and I think the deepest knowledge of the world is your direct experience!


Silver Pin Certified Sommelier

North American Sommelier Association / World Sommelier Association

Founder and Owner LA COM , P.R. and Marketing Wine Agency


Wine journalist

Communication and P.R. expert

Los Angeles, California